Our Business Directory

Our Goal is to reach ALL of our talented black business owners and become a household name in ALL African American communities around the DMV.

Get the Best Products for your Needs

If you want the best products, get them from businesses who understand your wants and needs.

Know the Truth about Black Products

There are high-quality Black businesses providing great products and services all over America.

Supporting our Community

By supporting Black businesses, consumers actually create the economy that supports a more positive future for our communities.

Bigger Voice in The Market

As an African-American customer, you hold the power to determine what a business will do, and your spending is like your vote.

Show Pride

There is no law saying that Black people must only buy from Black businesses.  There is also no law saying that all customers of a Black business must be Black themselves.   But there is the knowledge that the more African Americans support our own community financially, the more they thrive.